All classes are taught in Dutch, since I think pregnancy yoga should be learned in your maternal language. Though it is possible to attend the classes if  you’re an english speaking person. A little understanding of Dutch might be handy, but exercises will be explained in English if necessary.

An individual approach might be a better choice for you. For example a private class with your partner. I will come to your home to practice postures and breathing exercises together with your partner. Your personal needs will be investigated and we will work on building trust and comfort while preparing for birth.


” Thanks again for the lesson yesterday. We really learned from it and I feel more relaxed now about giving birth. It’s also really good I know what’s coming for the pushing part, so I can be a little bit more prepared for it. And thank you for all the other additional tips and recommendations as well. They are really welcomed”

“It was a great workshop with very useful information, specially when it’s your first delivery! Thank you very much! I’ve printed the pdfs you sent to later read them at home and also to place them in the bathroom, as you advised! It’s also a great excuse to ask my boyfriend to massage me more often ahah. Once again thank you so much, all the classes I’ve attended were great, the workshop, everything”

“Yes, I double up on that. It was an EXCELLENT workshop. Thanks again! ”

“Thanks for such a wonderful workshop. It was perfect and helped me realize how much is involved”

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